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Interstate Equine is a full service equine referral center located in the heart of Oklahoma. We pride ourselves on providing our patients the highest quality on-farm and in-house equine medicine, reproductive services, sports medicine and 24 hour emergency & hospital care.  

Our staff is dedicated to preventative medicine and herd health; seeking to educate our clients with management practices they can implement to minimize health problems in their horses. In addition to preventative medicine, our hospital offers in-depth medical diagnostic workups and all types of surgical procedures ranging from airway and colic surgery to fracture repair and arthroscopic joint surgery.  

Our veterinarians are devoted to continuing education so that our patients receive the most up to date treatment modalities for their specific conditions.

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The Ultimate Performance Horse Feeds. The superior choice in equine nutrition is Intensify. All Intensify feeds contain Bluebonnet’s “Intensify Technology” which combines cutting edge nutrition with high quality ingredients and specialized milling processes to create one of the most advanced equine feeds on the market. These feeds are designed for safe growth, performance, breeding, and maintenance horses of all ages.


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Brookside Equine Gear, a veterinarian owned company, providing us with great blankets!

The Brooksides's feature Coolplus lining, which is both waterproof and breathable, and the Cool Wick super absorbant liner gives the added assurance that any extra moisture will dissipate.


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