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2017 BREEDING FEE $2,500


Breeding season begins February 6th, 2017


The following conditions of service are mutually agreed between Mare Owner/Agent, named above and Xtra Quarter Horses LLC upon execution of this contract: The Mare Owner/Agent agrees to a pay a breeding fee of $2,500.

This includes a $500 NON-REFUNDABLE booking/chute fee which is payable upon execution of this contract. The balance of the stud fee $2,000 is due prior to the first semen shipment or prior to the mare departing from the farm.


We begin breeding, collecting and shipping on February 6th and continue through June 30th. Collection, on‐site breeding, and shipment occur on
Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

** Availability of semen is NOT guaranteed on any given day. All shipments will be based on a first call – first served basis. This will be
determined at the discretion of the breeding manager.




• Full breeding fee must be paid before ordering semen.
• Signed contract and mare’s registration papers must be on file at Xtra Quarter Horses prior to ordering semen.
• A credit card on file or prepayment for actual shipment is required prior to ordering semen.


Wimpys Little Step semen will only be shipped counter‐to‐counter and hand/courier pick up.

It is important that you speak with someone directly to confirm your order. If you leave a message and do not hear back from us by 5 pm, please call again. You can contact the main office line at 405‐600‐1990  (call or text). The following information is needed when you place your order:

  • Stallion’s name

  • Mare’s name

  • Mare owner’s name

  • Good contact name and phone number to receive shipment tracking information

  • Method of shipment preferred (counter‐to‐counter only on Wimpys Little Step)

  • If shipping counter‐to‐counter the airport you would like the shipment to arrive at.

** Confirmation/cancellation of an order must be received by 8 am Central Standard Time on the day of collection. Please do not consider your order confirmed or cancelled until you speak with someone directly. If you leave a message, it may not be received until after semen has been shipped!!!

Please let us know when your mare is checked safe in foal. When you call to report that your foal has been born, we will send out your Breeder’s Certificate. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns. We look forward to working with you!


  • Prior to shipping semen, the farm must have received the signed contract, a copy of mare’s registration papers, a completed shipped semen form, the booking fee, balance of stud fee, and payment for 1st shipment or pick up.

  • We collect Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, beginning Monday, February 6. Shipped semen is available on a first come first served basis with on-site mares having first priority. Each stallion has different limits and a cooled semen contract does not guarantee that semen will available. Notify the breeding personnel at least 24 hours prior to the anticipated shipping date. The earlier you get your request to us, the more likely you will be to receive semen.

  • Requests for shipped semen must be received by phone, or text, 405-600-1990 by 5pm central time the day PRIOR to collection day. It is important that you speak with someone directly to confirm your order. We do not always receive voicemail messages.

  • Xtra Quarter Horses office staff is available M-F 8am – 5pm at 405-600-1990.

  • We ship counter-to-counter on all of our stallions. We believe this increases our pregnancy rates as all semen is better prior to being 24 hours post-collection. We want to get your mare in foal with as few shipments as possible for everyone’s benefit! You will receive a call, text or email regarding arrival time, flight number and air bill number. The mare owner should confirm that the shipment was received. Please remember that Xtra Quarter Horses cannot control flight delays or lost shipments once they leave the ranch.

  • We can also ship by courier service or owner hand pick up. If you feel you need to receive shipment by FedEx, please call the office to arrange for priority overnight shipment. Wimpys Little Step semen will not be available for FedEx shipping.

  • Equitainers and shipping boxes must be returned to the ranch at mare owner’s expense. The Equitainers and shipping boxes, along with all of its contents must be received within five working days from shipment or mare owner will be charged $350 per Equitainer.

  • Please notify Xtra Quarter Horses of mare’s status after 14 day check. It is also suggested to perform a 28 day heartbeat check as well.

  • It is very important that you advise Xtra Quarter Horses if multiple embryos are implanted. They need to be included on breeders report. A stud fee is due for each pregnancy.

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